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Undo your insecurities, a mini guide

I see loads of creators suffering from imposter syndrome. That is such a a shame actually. This internet environment can be so toxic. Try to rise above, make friends, share tips. There is room enough for everyone.

Please realize this is a process, one that I have not yet mastered but these are some things that helped me.

Step One is to at least recognize that you are insecure, what is it, where is it coming from?

Step Two: change your perspective, ask yourself are you willing to see yourself with love?

Step Three: think thoughts that support you, keep away from the insecure thoughts practice positive thinking, repeat daily.

Step Four: stop comparing, especially content creators are looking at one another to see how their content is doing, how many likes and views it gets. But who cares? Your only competition should be you, try to make better content every day be critical but don’t do down the slippery slope of self doubt.

Step Five: share your thoughts, just tell another creator how you admire them, ask for tips, make an appreciating post…. I think it’s better to talk about these types of things than to keep it bottled up.

And who knows, maybe someone tells you they are insecure too…..

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