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About Essy

Hi! I am Esther, a content creator from the Netherlands. I love to share my cozy shots with the world on my growing Instagram page. I recently started developing my own Lifestyle Blog.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the 3C’s? (Comfy, Cozy, Content)

What started as a hobby quickly evolved into a community of people who also love the comforts of slow living. 

On this page I will show you the things I am most passionate about. From my monthly manicures, to wholesome recipes and all the playlists you will ever need.

But let’s not forget the books that give me life or the content I make for brands who approach me.

I am humbled that you have chosen this site to spend your precious time on. I hope I can give you the comfort we all need.

Love, Esther

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Renaissance hotel Aruba

stayed here with my partner at the end of August 2022.

When looking for a holiday, I wanted to go to a more exclusive location this year. I hate being around Dutchies my entire holiday so Curacao was out. Bonaire did not provide me with good options so Aruba won.

The Renaissance hotel offers a private island, also known as Renaissance Island where the flamingos roam freely. That is such an amazing experience I would do it over and over again.

Thankfully it has an adults only section so there will be lots of peace and quiet if you are not into screaming children.

We stayed in the Oceans Suits part of the resort. There even was a Starbucks inside the hotel. Well I was hooked. From the lovely pool, to the huge breakfast area, this hotel has its stuff together.


The service is on another level. So if you love luxury travel, make sure to visit here sometime!


PS: in my Travel highlight on Insta more on this hotel!


Hotels near Aruba Airport and Flamingo Beach | Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino (