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About Essy!


I am Esther, a UGC content creator and social media consultant from the Netherlands.

You can hire me to help you get started on social media, or if you already have a social presence, to get eyes on your business.

I perform quick scans, provide you with a social media strategy, or with training for your staff.

I would love to help you get the most engagement and quality eyes on your social media accounts.


I also create content for brands. Through day in a life type of vlogs, flatlays or articles on this blog I generate eyes on your products. I love to tell my audience about your products if I think it will fit in my niche.

On this website I will serve you only with Comfy Cozy Content. I try to blog weekly, make playlists, review books or trips I made, to give you a look inside my life.

If you like to work with me feel free to contact me so I can send you my rates.


I am honored you are willing to spend your precious time on my website.



Love, Esther

Essy Socials!

Linkedin, Professional network

Instagram, my main way of communicating my 3C’s, my comfy cozy content.

TikTok, still trying to figure out how to navigate this platform but enjoying what I am seeing there

Pinterest, mainly pinning cute stuff not putting my own on there yet

Facebook, directly linked with my Insta so find my 3c’s there too

Twitter, directly linked with my Insta so find my 3c’s there too

Youtube, Follow for other content on Shorts

Etsy, visit my Etsy shop for comfy cozy digital prints

As I am slowly growing my brand I will expand my brand towards all platforms, hoping for your support on all of them!

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Contact me!

Hi there!

Thank you for visiting my website!

I hope you loved what you have seen so far.

Comfy Cozy Content is what I stand for.

If you like to know how we can work together or if you are curious about other things. Feel free to email me:


Hire me!

Are you looking for a new approach to brand awareness? A personal touch to your ads. A training for your staff, or other Social media services? Do not hesitate to contact me!

At the moment my main focus is:

Content creation/ UGC

Social media training

Social media consulting


If what you are searching for is not on this list, please let me know and I will see if we can make it work.

I am based in the Netherlands but it has not yet stopped me from going global!

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