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Welcome to my blog.

This is where I take you along in my journey as a content creator. I will give you tips and tricks, provide guidance but will also give you an insight into my life.

As my Instagram grew I got more and more questions about content creation, about growing your Instagram page etc etc. This is why I thought it would come in handy for you to have this blog as a reference.

I would love it if you would respond or let me know what you think about a subject in the comment section. This blog is for you to enjoy but also share with your friends or fellow creators. There are share buttons in place so you can easily share it to your own social media accounts. Feel free to do so.

If there is a subject you would love to learn more about, feel free to let me know so I can add this to my list.

This blog is lighthearted, you will probably find a typo from time to time, it is filled with sarcasm but most of all love. So please keep it positive.



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