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Social media marketing terms you need to know

When I started doing this content creator thing there were so many words I just did know. I had to look up several abbreviations like CTR (click through rate) and CPA (cost per acquisition).

And I sometimes still need to go to google before responding to a brand.

The terms I come across the most I will explain here. Feel free to leave one in the comments if this list is not complete for you!

Here we go:

Affiliate marketing: buying something from a blogger/influencer through their links. They will make a small amount of money if you shop like this. A great way to support your favorite creator!

Ambassador: be aware of this term. I find that most brands that don’t want to pay you for your work (it could be a startup, but it can also be with huuuuge companies) use this word a lot. It usually ends up with you making a lot of content in exchange for getting their products. Stay away from this, unless this is one of your favorite brands.


Deliverables: the deliverables are the agreed upon terms between you and your brand partner. So a deliverable can be: use the brands hashtags, but also 1 feed post and one story. Just read through this section carefully when signing a contract so you will not give your work away for free

Engagement rate: Engagement rate is the rate of engagement (likes, comments, views, swipe ups) that you receive on a piece of content. There are many calculation tools you can find online for this. It is very important that you know how to calculate it when working with brands.

Media kit: A media kit is a (PDF)document that contains all the essential information about your blog or Insta. It’s basically your pitching deck, your brand presentation, and even your creative resume. It contains your audience build up, where are they from, what ages etc etc. It is important that you know who your audience is so you can better pitch to brands. Your media kit should also include your weekly or monthly reach and perhaps some examples of your work. HOWEVER: NEVER YOUR RATES! I will go on about this in a future blog.

I hope this will help you, feel free to ask me anything about this in the comments!


Love, Esther

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1 year ago

Oooeeeh, I am so curious about the mediakit now! I include my rates. Actually to separate the serious companies from the less serious. I look forward to your look on this. Not mentioning rates can maybe create that wow-factor?

Big hug,