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Instagram bio optimized, a small guide

Hi lovelies!

As most of you love to see your social media accounts grow you have several questions on what makes for the perfect Instagram bio. How many times I have helped someone only to see that this is so often overlooked. Why is this such a vital part of your growth strategy? It is the first thing people see! It is when they decide to follow you or not.


So how to optimize:

  • A good profile picture. Especially if you are a personal brand(influencer/content creator) a good headshot is so important. People want to get to know you. Also the shot should fit your theme/color scheme. Please do not forget to use the same picture on all your socials so you will be recognizable.
  • Use keywords! You must have seen that I use keywords often, this is because my content needs to be searchable. You can either use hashtags or keywords that say something about your content. Check my bio if you need some inspo.
  • Emojis. Use them, either to split up text or to show what you are all about. I obviously use the camera and croissant emoji often. Which ones apply to your content?
  • Use the link option. Link your tiktok, your blog, website whatever other platform that excites you, link it!
  • Make sure to have at least 4 or 5 highlights and keep them filled with your latest updates. You can choose to showcase your latest collabs, your pet, it does not matter as long as it tells us something about you, about your content.
  • Keep it fun and fresh, change things up. What you make today might not be what you’ll love tomorrow! So try new things.
  • Location! So important for creators, brands want to know where you are from.


If you have any other tips please share them in the comment section!


Love, Esther

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