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Instagram Scams you need to be aware off

O how I would love to tell you that an offer to be an ambassador coming to you on a dm is legit, but chances are it is not, It is a scam.

With a market growing so quickly like the influencer one, scams are unfortunately coming along with this, and they are coming up fast.

Here are a few tips/ red flags to be on the lookout for.

  • A DM from a brand manager to DM their account for a collab- SCAM
  • A general email telling you they want you as their brand ambassador, you only pay shipping fees- SCAM
  • DM to Collab comments
  • All messages not coming from  their main account
  • Never buy the product up front!
  • Emails from a free email account like, etc
  • If you do trust a brand that has reached out, get a written contract!

These are just a few red flags that can help you in getting legit deals and not getting scammed.

Just get off that cloud and be real, is what they are offering really something to want. How is it benefitting you? It should be an equal partnership, so you get paid and they get gorgeous content.

So one last time for the people in the back…..Know your worth!


Feel free to email or dm me if you need me to check a brand for you.

Hope this helps!


Love, Esther

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