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Side hustle, making stock photos

For most creators, making content can have many forms.

For myself, I love taking flatlays, it’s my specialty. However I do feel strongly about branching out.

You can probably not provide for your family by just being a content creator right?

Making stock images for companies is a great side hustle.


What is a stock photo? It is usually a generic photo found on the internet, either free or charge or you pay a small fee. Now these images can be used by everyone, not the best choice for your company I think.

So what I do is I offer my services to a company and make custom made stock images. Depending on what niche the company is in I takeshots they can use over and over again. They can be used on their website accompanying an article. With vacancies, in folders and pamphlets and so on.

It is actually really fun to do.

So if you feel like just being a content creator is not enough, try and see if a local business might need some images from you. Create a small portfolio for potential clients, just shoot clean images of things in your home and paste them in a Canva folder. Show them your work and convince them of your worth!

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