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Mini blog: a content creators ultimate wishlist

Do you have a best friend that is a creator, or maybe your partner and you do not know what to give them?

Don’t worry, I got you covered!

Now, just a little disclaimer, these are things that I think will make any creator happy, however, no guarantees 😊


  • A polaroid camera, not that expensive and makes for amazing content moments
  • That way too expensive lip balm or perfume (yes I am talking Chanel)
  • A tripod or gorilla pod. An essential item for good content creation
  • Flatlay backgrounds, there are tons on Amazon, and they are really cheap!
  • A ring light, makes all the difference in the winter months or for making selfies
  • A content planner
  • A cute coffee mug, no need to explain right?

Now I can make this list endless, there are so many items we need. Feel free to leave me a reaction if you need more present suggestions for the festive season!


Love, Esther

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