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How to pitch to brands, mini guide

Hi creator friends, or wannabe creator friends. No matter where you are in your career, I think these tips will be of use. If you want to get started as a creator you will need to learn how to pitch. This is how you sell yourself as a freelance creator right?

Please don’t think brands will reach out to you, that is highly unlikely when starting out. No need to worry, let’s help those brands and yourself with the following pitch tips:

  • Make it personal! You need to let the brand know who you are, form that connection, just like how you do that with your audience
  • A pitch is about the brand more than it is about you, so focus!
  • Include more than one link to your work
  • Go the extra mile, include your media kit, NEVER your prices
  • Tell the brand who your audience is, and how it will benefit them.
  • Be to the point, paint the picture, show your worth
  • How will you be a match, how do you serve the brand
  • Follow up, never heard back? Email them again in a few months, keep track in Excel


I hope these will help you out. Share your tips in the comments!

Love, Esther

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1 year ago

Wat een goede tips babe!