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Healthy Habits for content creators

Haven’t we all been there, feeling overwhelmed. Trying to balance your personal life with your dream of becoming a creator.

If you are like me, you will ignore the warning signs just a bit too long and need a mandatory break. Let me try and help you out, so it will not come to that for you.


As a creator you probably feel a lot of pressure to put your content out there, and for it so perform well. For brand to find you, reach out and have amaaaaazing collabs.

I feel you. This however will not always be the case. There will be months on end for you, where you work and work and see little payoff. That’s fine. Take it easy, there is no rush.

A few things you can do to put in place some healthy habits:

  • Use a planning tool approved by Insta, or use the Insta scheduling tool
  • Content batch your material, do not try to shoot daily, you will get burned out
  • Set times where you will be online, do not spend hours and hours scrolling
  • Make a plan, where do you want to be in half a year
  • Make an inspiration folder on your phone where your can scroll through when inspiration just does not hit
  • Have your hashtags of tag words on your phone ready to use
  • Take weekends or days off.

I usually post 2 times a day. However, when I get overwhelmed I just zoom out, disconnect and be happy offline. Give yourself time to be with your loved ones. One meal not going on your stories will not kill your account.


Do you struggle with this? Let me know in the comments!


Love, Esther

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