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Tips on how to change your life in 2023

Tips on how to change your life in 2023


Have you ever felt stuck? Got a feeling that you are meant for so much more?

Have no idea how to get started. I am here as your personal cheerleader to help you on your way.

Well at least, let me give you some tips:

  • Make a vision board! I love creating Pinterest boards for just about everything ((1) Pinterest)
  • Set goals, not huge ones! Just small ones like going for a walk for 30minutes everyday to clear your head. Starting your days with a big glass of water daily, that sort of things
  • Start saying yes to things that scare you. New situations make for new opportunities!
  • Keep a journal, write down what made you happy every day before you go to bed
  • Do not compare your journey to somebody else’s! You are unique, walk your own path.
  • Learn a new skill, there are so many things to learn, pick something small to start with, don’t go on to do a 4 year course. Small steps!
  • Do something nice for someone, hold the door for someone, say hi to a stranger and smile( not to scary dudes okay?) pay for lunch with a loved one.

It’s a short list, and that is how it is supposed to be. No huuuge goals, just a lot of small steps. You could just start with one of the above. See how it feels. I am always here if you need a helping hand or someone to talk to. You know where to find me.


Love, Esther

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