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Since we had to adapt to working from home for nearly two years, the world has changed.

Virtual assistants are the newest hot topic, and I am loving it.

A lot of businesses noticed that there are just too many things they need to do. And not all of those things are what they are good at.

See for me, doing taxes bored the h*ll out of me, so I outsource. Just like small businesses outsource their social media to me. It truly is a win win.

So a virtual assistant, what do they do: they help business owners do tasks. That can be social media, but also email, scheduling, light admin. All the things you do not want to do yourself, just outsource.


Now looking at social media for virtual assistants, beware! There is a difference in maintaining social media and creating content. Just posting and responding is fine to do at an hourly rate. However, when it comes to also creating content, you need to charge a lot more, but most of all, you need to ask yourself, am I any good? Creating stock photos, templates, and bio’s is a lot and you need to know what you are 11.1

I developed training for virtual assistants so I can teach them the basics of social media upkeep, what to look out for, how to create posting schedules, advertisements etc.

So are you interested in a side hustle, having the dream to work for yourself. No more boss telling you what to do. Feel free to reach out and I will send you over my rates for this training. We can also do a custom training if there is something you like to focus on specifically.

I would love to help you out.


Any questions, let me know in the comments!

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1 year ago

Love it 😍