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Mini blog, how to romanticize your life

Mini blog, how to romanticize your life


Haven’t we all seen the #romanticizingmylife? I love it, so here for it.

A weird thing happened. As some of you know, TikTok has not been my friend

Somehow I started seeing all these aesthetic mini vlogs and now I am hooked. It is a way of showing off the mundane and making it look amazing. To make the ordinary extraordinary.

And you know what, it helps you get out of a rut. Just try it sometimes. I have a few examples on my TikTok if you need some inspo, or just look into this hashtag.

What can you do to start this trend for yourself, a few tips:

  • Treat yourself to some fresh flowers
  • Eat a croissant on a weekday for breakfast for those French vibes
  • Wander along in a bookstore and buy something that makes you happy
  • Put ordinary things into cute containers
  • Indulge in that way to expensive hand cream
  • Make yourself a homemade coffee
  • Listen to a comforting playlist (like this one: Spotify – Slow Sunday Morning)

And you know what, if you film snippets of these moments, just 2/3 sec and put them together you have got an amazing mini vlog for us all to enjoy online!


Will you be trying out this trend?

Let me know in the comments.

Love, Esther

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