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Top 5 things you should treat yourself to that won’t break the bank

January is a weird month. Not much to do, no parties, mostly trying to work on those new year’s resolutions and it’s cold and gloomy weather. It’s easy to feel a little depressed in the winter months. To battle this, but mostly just to make yourself feel good, here are some small things you can treat yourself on to get the endorphins going.

My personal top 5:

  • A Starbucks coffee to go
  • In that same Starbucks, buy yourself a cute mug for when you work from home
  • A magazine to get inspo from, if this is a National geographic, a Vogue or maybe a comic just treat yourself to something to cuddle up with on the couch.
  • Go for a facial, the winter months equal dryer skin, so go for a mini if the budget is tight and a full facial if you can miss the money this 19
  • Create a new Pinterest board, this can be about future trips you want to take, cute outfit inspo, content you would love to recreate…( feel free to check out my inspo)

There are way more things I could add to this list, but what are some of yours?

Can’t wait to hear about it in the comments.


Love, Esther

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