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How to create engaging Instagram stories, a small guide

O how we all dread the Instagram algorithm. Every time a new feature comes out we all suffer.

And no doubt a lucky few do not see a drop in engagement I know I have. So here are a few ideas to get more views on your stories and thus more eyes on your content.

Now a story is mostly shared with people who are already a follower, but also with people who look within the geo tag, so make sure to always use this option. Also the : ‘now share yours’ engagement sticker is being watched by other people then your audience.

Instead of only using stories to let people know when you have posted a new photo, engage with the people who follow you. Let them get to know you, but also make sure to reciprocate.

A few tips you can start immediately:

  • Create templates you can use easily ( Pinterest) I recently started a Pinterest board to give you some examples)
  • Use an engagement sticker on the first story of the day
  • Make use of all the features, so add music, add gif’s, and a location etc etc
  • Share everyday stuff, I love seeing how others spend their day, don’t you?
  • Share posts by your favorite creators, I often do Share on Sunday, where I post the shots I have loved past week, great to build community, but also an  easy way to get new eyes on your profile
  • Don’t post 20 stories at once, gradually share some during the day/week. Always consider this: would I watch 20 stories in a row by one person? Highly unlikely.
  • Don’t post just static shots, add a timelapse, a boomerang, a grid
  • I know stories used to be 15 seconds, that does not mean you need to fill these 15 seconds every time you post a film! This is not 2019!


Now, do you still see a huge dropoff in engagement on your stories? Try this: let your stories expire, so for a full 24h do NOT post a story. Then when you return, let the first story you post be one with a poll, I am sure you will see the results you want.

Now as for everything. If you are not willing to engage in other creators’ stories, why should they watch yours? So be kind and watch stories by others for a few minutes each day.


If you find this useful be sure to let me know!


Love, Esther

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