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Small changes for a more healthy life

I really don’t believe in enormous life changing goals. I am a firm believer in small steps, to make this more doable. As it is the beginning of 2023 I thought I would share some tiny tips to incorporate more healthy habits. Here we go!


  • Drink more water, yes so boring, but it is true and the best for you. So make that lemon water, but with that cute water bottle to help you out. (MAMEIDO Drinkfles 1l – lekvrij, koolzuurhoudend, BPA vrij – Sportfles gemaakt van Tritan – BPA vrij – Waterfles voor Sport, Outdoor, Gym & Kantoor : Sport & outdoor) link to my fav
  • Try and do a short walk outside every day, just 30 minutes will do the trick
  • Clean out your bedroom! Sleep is so important, more than you know. Make sure it is dust free(I am allergic to just about everything…) vacuum weekly, change the bedding weekly, let fresh air in daily, keep temp at about 18/19 C (64F)
  • Have a pamper evening, take a bath, a face mask etc, happy you equals more chance of goals being met daily
  • Eat fruit daily
  • Don’t forget about those veggies
  • Instead of having chocolate daily, keep it as a treat for the weekends
  • Swap out items, so no milk chocolate but pure(80%)
  • Instead of chips try home made popcorn or chips made out of lentils.

It truly is all about the small stuff.

But you know what….if you are having a really shitty day, chocolate is always your friend. Don’t be too hard on yourself.


What is your best healthy tip?


Love, Esther

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