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Gaining confidence a mini guide

Women can be such weird creatures. We can be cheerleaders to our girl gang but are the worst critics towards ourselves. I struggle with it from time to time but for the most part I am pretty confident. Why? I know what I am worth, I know what I bring to the table.

How can you learn? Read this carefully, surround yourself with positive people, and cut out the toxic ones. Be critical but no doom scenarios please. Be a little more kind when you are talking about yourself, it is the first step.

A little list to help you on your way:

  • What are your strong points? Acknowledge them
  • Who you are now is enough, why would you like to look/be like your friend? There is only one you, you are unique, do not fit the mold and that is why we love you
  • Work towards your goals, but make them attainable, don’t try to lose 20 pounds in one week or gain 1000 followers in a day.
  • Keep a gratitude journal ( this is one of my favs: )
  • Don’t feel defeated when you did not reach a goal, keep pushing
  • Stay positive, talk to friends
  • Find your people, there are so many like minded people online, find them, search for them in hashtags you love to follow, dm them: Connect!
  • Listen to one of my playlist, you will find them here: Playlists – essyspictures

You can always reach out to me.


Love, Esther

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