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Aesthetic home office items

I love vlogs, I have no idea how this happened but as of this year I am a big fan.

I have been making a variety of a day in the life type of vlogs.

As most of you know I have an enormous love for neutrals, so my home office is quite aesthetic. Every time I post a vlog I get a lot of questions about some of the items featured. So I decided to make a blog about it.

The latest vlog I made about my office you can find here:

I will list my favorite items that are in my home, so you can shop for them yourself.

So here goes:

My keyboard:

My alarm clock:

My desktop organizer:

My office supplies:

My pastel markers:

I think these are the items I get most questions about.

I must say I really love my home office, the space I created here gives me comfort, it spiked my creativity. Let me know if you love to know more items that are in my home so I can make part 2.

You can also always ask me for a link on Insta, I can provide it through a dm.

Love, Esther


Please know these are affiliate links as I am a partner of Amazon. This will not cost you anything but if you purchase something with these links I will make a small percentage.

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1 year ago

So so so pretty. I love everything! ♥️♥️♥️