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Mini blog Content Creation, an easy guide

This mini guide will probably not surprise you. I have been a content creator for a while and I get a lot of questions on my Instagram (Coffee Comfy Cozy UGC Content Creator (@essyspictures) • Instagram-foto’s en -video’s) about the subject.

I thought I would create a mini guide for you to get started. It is a list of things you will need( in my humble opinion) and some tips on how to get started.

Here we go!

What will you need(the basics):

  • Props
  • Fabrics
  • Your niche specific items ( are you a booky, do you love coffee, beauty items….)
  • Camera of iPhone
  • Daylight
  • Items to create Height differences etc.

Tips on how to get started:

  • Pick a color scheme and stay with that for at least a month.
  • Look on Pinterest ((3167) Pinterest)  or Instagram for inspiration, search for images you love, put them in a private folder.
  • Make a top 5 or 10 creators on Instagram that you love. Why do you love their content, what do they have in common? Put them in your favorites so you will be inspired whenever they post.
  • Set your goals, what do you want to say with your content, for whom is it?
  • Pick a strategy, how many times will you be posting a week, how about stories and reels? Start realistic, don’t overdo it right away. Repurpose content for other platforms, that is totally fine!
  • Pick a spot in your home or outside where the lighting is good, daylight is just the best.
  • Put on some relaxing music ( my favorite songs to listen to while creating)
  • It is totally fine to take inspiration from other creators, just don’t recreate without giving credit.
  • Just start. They will not all be great, it’s a process. Don’t be afraid to throw them out when they disappoint, just keep going
  • Creating means inspiration, if it’s just not there, leave it, go and do something else. Try again the next day.
  • Make a favorites folder on your phone where you will keep all your best shots.


 Trust the process!

Don’t forget that this it’s supposed to be fun. If it does not feel like it. Stop it. Think about it. What is wrong and how can you make it better? I usually listen to classical music or I listen to a podcast when I create. I drink coffee, cuddle with my cat, get distracted, it does not matter.

Just trust the process. It’s your content, no one has a say but you.

I consider my content to be a visual diary. I try to take people away from daily struggles, negativity and worries. I want them to enter my comfy cozy world, where we drink coffee and relax. We listen to great music and read the most amazing books. I want people to be inspired by what I create…. What is your intention?

Love, Esther

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1 year ago

Top tips! Dank!

1 year ago

LOOOOOOVE deze! Ook dat even andere dingen gaan doen als het niet lukt xxx

1 year ago

You’re tips are always good!

1 year ago

Some great tips here! Thank you 😊

1 year ago

Great tips, great blog!

1 year ago

Great tips! Thank you for sharing