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Get to Know Me: Coffee, Cozy Videos, Vinyl, Flatlays, and Travel

Are you curious to know more about the person behind this blog? Well, I’m happy to share a bit about myself and some of my favorite things. In this post, you’ll learn about my hobbies, interests, and a bonus fact about me.

Let’s start with my top 5 favorite things:

Making Coffee: I’m a coffee addict and love experimenting with different brewing methods, beans, and flavors. My go-to brewing method is the Chemex, and I enjoy sipping my coffee while reading a book or listening to music.

Shooting Cozy Videos: I’m a huge fan of creating cozy content, whether it’s for my social media or just for myself. I love setting up my camera, lighting candles, and capturing the cozy vibes of my home.

Reading: I’m a bookworm and love to get lost in a good story. My favorite genres are classic novels, fantasy, and thriller. Some of my recent reads include “The Martian” by Andy Weir and “The Silent Patient” by Alex Michaelides.

Listening to Vinyl: I’m a music lover and enjoy listening to a wide range of genres, from classic rock to indie folk. There’s something special about the sound of vinyl that makes the listening experience more immersive and enjoyable.

Flatlay Photography: I’m a fan of the flatlay trend and enjoy creating visually appealing compositions with everyday objects. Whether it’s arranging my coffee gear or my favorite skincare products, I find joy in creating aesthetically pleasing flatlays.

Bonus Get to Know Me Fact: Travel is my passion, and I love exploring new places and experiencing different cultures. Some of my favorite destinations include Ibiza, New York and Edinburgh.

That’s a bit about me and my favorite things. I hope you found this post fun. If you share any of my interests, feel free to drop a comment and let’s chat.

love, Esther

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